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Grateful in London

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I am so lucky to have found T-girlContact. The site was listed in an online article about 6 weeks ago so I decided to give T-girlContact a look.i have never dated any man or been on any dating site, period.

Maki and everyone else at T-girlContact have always been very helpful to me and staunch advocates for transgender women. This site is interested in the protection of trans women and, I think their happiness. There is so much more to a relationship than 'hooking-up' and T-girlContact understands that. I wish there would have been a site like this years ago. I may have found someone?

I met a fascinating man who I developed a 'crush' on. I have never experienced such happiness and I felt like a 20-year-old. Unfortunately, since I didn't know how to handle an online relationship (or any relationship for that matter) I drove him away. I still believe my 'heartbreak' was worth the happiness even if it was short-lived. At 63 years of age, my opportunities are decreasing but I would encourage younger transgender women to use T-girlContact because it is a respectful and classy site. Don't waste your time on sites you have to pay for. Allowing the transgender women free access and charging the men a small fee makes it safer for the women and encourages men who are serious about a relationship and not just voyeurs.

Thank you Man I at T-girlContact and all of the other employees at your site. You make me feel appreciated.

Good luck in the future with your site!