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This website advertises itself as inclusive and accessible to everyone. This encompasses all LGBTQ+ individuals, including heterosexuals, gay/lesbian users, queer people, non-binary people, and others. A dating site for those who are interested in cougar dating is All uploaded profile pictures require manual approval. This lessens fraudulent activity and helps stop the creation of fictitious accounts. As a result, you can find safe and authentic accounts on This extra security measure ensures that the people you interact with are genuine. Anyone not signed up for the service cannot view user profiles. The only people who can see your profile or information are those you want to interact with. The website is usable and accessible on smartphones and tablets because it is responsive across multiple devices (formatting will be the same as the webpage). Unfortunately, neither iOS nor Android have any applications available right now. The starting price for a premium subscription is £ 6.89 / month.

Cougarmature nextdoor Pros

  • Other users can be blocked at your discretion. They won't be able to see you or get in touch with you as a result
  • There is video chat option
  • The website uses algorithmic pairing to suggest compatible partners based on users' interests, traits, and preferences
  • Users nearby can be found by searching
  • Additionally available are advanced search filters that can be used to further hone user preferences
  • To give users more visibility and improve their chances of matching, the website offers paid memberships
  • You can start a private chat or invite people to it
  • The site's web design is responsive (this means you will not have difficulty using it on phones or tablets)
  • Moderators manually check each photo. Inappropriate or explicit images are filtered out and fake accounts are prevented from being created
  • In order to prevent the creation of phoney or fraudulent accounts, user emails are verified
  • You can register using your Facebook profile

Cougarmature nextdoor Cons

  • There is no Nextdoor Lesbian Android app available for download
  • Currently, iOS systems do not have a mobile application

Cougarmature nextdoor Review 2024 » Everything you need to know

For such cases, a "user lock" feature resolves this issue (you will no longer receive any messages from that user). However, if the user's behaviour becomes inappropriate or indecent, we also recommend reporting the user to the moderators.

As the COVID-19 pandemic has made it more difficult for people to meet in person, video web chat is becoming increasingly important in online dating. Cougar Mature Next Door allows live video chats with your matches, enabling you to see and hear the person you've been interacting with.

Algorithms are now a driving force in the digital world. This is also true in online dating. Data has shown that partners with common interests will likely stay together longer. Therefore, Cougar Mature Next Door takes a data-driven approach to dating by asking users to fill in information about their interests and hobbies. You will then be recommended matches suited to your psychological profile. There is, of course, always a spontaneous element in dating (even online). Cougar Mature Next Door understands that sometimes people just aren't right for each other, no matter how sophisticated the modelling. But, because the service focuses on connecting people based on psychological profiles, it is not possible to look for or contact partners who are not selected for you by this algorithmic process.

More often than not, people want to interact with users in their geographical area. Therefore, the ability to filter users by region is essential. In addition, you can filter users based on simple criteria:

Chat/messaging is an essential feature of modern dating sites and applications. Cougar Mature Next Door offers the ability to invite or accept a personal chat invitation from another user.

There are many users on Cougar Mature Next Door, so naturally, it can be difficult to get noticed. If you want to be a more visible user, you can use the paid priority listing option, which will give you a highlighted position and enable you to see others with priority services. This is a great option to stand out and reach more people.

You can search for and filter other users on the site according to basic criteria.

  • Gender of users;
  • Age of users;
  • Users only with profile photos;
  • Users who are currently online;

In addition to the above methods, more specialized criteria are available, according to which you can search and filter users.

Price and Paid Membership Options: How Much Does Membership Cost? Is free?

There are paid membership options for Cougarmature Nextdoor.

If you no longer want to use this service, you must cancel this paid membership before the end of the paid period because it renews automatically.

A coin-based system, where you pay for actions like sending messages or virtual gifts to another user, is not available on Cougarmature Nextdoor.

Paid membership options

  • BRONZE subscription 1 month 7,49 £;
  • Silver subscription 2 months costs 6,89 £/month;
  • Gold subscription 3 months costs 9,32 £/month;

Discounts and coupon codes for

BRONZE subscription offers 7 days for free

SILVER subscription offers 15 days for free

GOLD subscription offers 30 days for free

Registration - How to register to

You must fill out a medium-sized amount of information in the Cougarmature Nextdoor registration form (containing 5-10 fields maximum).

You can sign up using your Facebook profile. As a result, the process goes more quickly because some fields fill in automatically.

Applications and Mobile Versions

The website has a responsive web design, so you can use it just like you would on a computer on a smartphone or tablet (the page will resize to fit the size of the device's screen).

The website has a responsive web design, so you can use it just like you would on a computer on a smartphone or tablet (the page will resize to fit the size of the device's screen). Unfortunately, neither iOS nor Android devices have any apps.

Privacy and anonymity

In general, public and private dating websites are separated. Anyone can view a list of all user accounts for public dating. Contrarily, private dating provides a greater level of privacy and anonymity because only other registered dating members have access to your profile (no one else can see your profile).

This website is accessible to the general public. If you create a profile on this dating site, both registered and unregistered users will be able to see it. Therefore, exercise caution and consider what private information and images you want to share.

Prevention of false profiles and fraud

Registration with Cougar Mature Next Door requires email confirmation. Your experience on the site will be more secure because email is a common safeguard against the creation of fraudulent profiles, and you won't have to worry about potentially interacting with fake accounts.

The moderators will need to manually approve your photo. Use discretion when using inappropriate or graphic material. Other logged-in users will also be able to see this data. It is not advised that you post your address or mobile phone numbers on the site because Cougar Mature Next Door wants to protect user privacy and anonymity.

Terms and Conditions (TOS)

The terms of this dating site are available (you will find a link to them on the main page). We advise reading them before registering. Despite the text's length, it's critical that you become familiar with it.

Contact information

Operating the dating website Cougar Mature Next Door is Lead'R Limited, a UK-based company. You can use the following information to get in touch with this business:

  • Company Name: Lead'R Limited;
  • Company Head Office: 9 Queen's Yard- White Post Lane;
  • Postcode and city: E9 5EN London;
  • Country: United Kingdom;
  • Contact email: [email protected];
  • Contact phone: +33 9 74 59 10 62;

Membership Cancellation - How do I cancel a paid account at

Online cancellations are possible. It's important to understand how to cancel a paid membership if you've made the decision to do so. Make the cancellation as soon as you decide you no longer need it because payments are automatically deducted from your account and your membership is renewed after the paid period.

Canceling Your Account - How do I delete my account on

It costs nothing to delete your profile from Cougar Mature Next Door. You can do this online in the section for profile management and settings, or you can contact user support using the information above, and they can give you instructions on how to delete your profile. You may need to cancel any subscriptions or paid features when you deactivate or delete your account because Cougar Mature Next Door requires a paid membership. You have the choice to delete your account, as well as unsubscribe from mailing lists and other notifications so that Cougar Mature Next Door will no longer send you updates.

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