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On the dating site, anyone can find a partner without hesitation or bias. Gays, lesbians, and other members of the LGBTQ+ community are welcome on this site. According to its description, is a dating site for those interested in and looking for Gay / Lesbian Dating. Moderators manually approve each user's profile photo. This lessens the number of fraudulent accounts and helps prevent the use of bots. As a result, on this website, you will only find real people looking for actual engagements. Users not signed in cannot view the information in your profile. This safeguards privacy and ensures that only those you want to communicate with can access your data. You can use the service on your phone, tablet, or computer because the website has a fully responsive web design (the page will adjust to fit the size of the device's screen). Neither iOS nor Android have any applications available right now. A premium subscription is available. Starting with £ 6.89 per month

Nextdoor Lesbian Pros

  • Other users can be blocked at your discretion. They won't be able to see you or get in touch with you as a result
  • One option is video chat
  • The website uses algorithmic pairing to suggest compatible partners based on users' interests, traits, and preferences
  • Users nearby can be found by searching
  • Additionally available are advanced search filters that can be used to further hone user preferences
  • To give users more visibility and improve their chances of matching, the website offers paid memberships
  • You can start a private chat or invite people to it
  • The site's web design is responsive (this means you will not have difficulty using it on phones or tablets)
  • Moderators manually check each photo. Inappropriate or explicit images are filtered out and fake accounts are prevented from being created
  • In order to prevent the creation of phoney or fraudulent accounts, user emails are verified
  • You can register using your Facebook profile

Nextdoor Lesbian Cons

  • There is no Nextdoor Lesbian Android app available for download
  • Currently, iOS systems do not have a mobile application

Nextdoor Lesbian Review 2024 » Everything you need to know

You might occasionally get messages from people you don't want to communicate with. Aside from that, you might receive more invitations than you can manage. You can choose to block other users if this is the case. This is especially helpful if someone misbehaves or does not abide by the site's code of conduct. You won't see or hear from that person after using the "block user" feature. These individuals may also be reported to the website moderators.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, webcam communication has become increasingly popular and is now a staple of contemporary dating. The chance to have a live chat and see your potential partner in person is crucial. In addition, you won't have to deal with the disappointment of unmet expectations because you'll have a clearer understanding of the person you're speaking to.

In the modern digital world, algorithms are the dominant force. Online dating is a similar example of this. According to statistics, couples with similar interests tend to stay together longer. Due to this, Nextdoor Lesbian asks users to fill out information about their interests and hobbies to take a data-driven approach to dating. Following that, matches that fit your psychological profile will be suggested to you. Of course, dating will always involve some spontaneity (even online). No matter how sophisticated the modeling, Nextdoor Lesbian recognizes that sometimes a person and a partner are not a good fit. It is not possible to search for or get in touch with partners who are not chosen for you by this algorithmic process, however, as the service focuses on bringing people together based on psychological profiles.

People prefer to communicate with other users who are located nearby. So it's crucial to have the option to filter users by location. Additionally, you can filter users using these specific standards:

Modern dating websites and apps must have chat/messaging functionality. For example, you can invite or accept a personal chat invitation from another user on Nextdoor Lesbian.

It can be challenging to stand out on Nextdoor Lesbian because there are many users. The paid priority listing option will give you a highlighted position and allow you to see other users who have priority service if you'd like to be a more noticeable user. This is a fantastic option if you want to stand out and connect with more people.

According to fundamental criteria, you can search and filter other users on the website.

  • the age and gender of users;
  • only users with profile pictures;
  • users who are online right now;

More specific criteria are available in addition to the methods mentioned above, allowing you to search and filter users.

Price and Paid Membership Options - How much does membership cost? Is free?

There are paid membership options for Nextdoor Lesbian.

If you no longer want to use this service, you must cancel this paid membership before the end of the paid period because it renews automatically.

A coin-based system, where you pay for actions like sending messages or virtual gifts to another user, is not available on Nextdoor Lesbian.

Paid membership options

  • BRONZE subscription 1 month 7,49 £;
  • Silver subscription 2 months costs 6,89 £/month;
  • Gold subscription 3 months costs 9,32 £/month;

Discounts and coupon codes for

BRONZE subscription offers 7 days for free

SILVER subscription offers 15 days for free

GOLD subscription offers 30 days for free

Registration - How to register to

You must fill out a medium-sized amount of information in the Nextdoor Lesbian registration form (containing 5-10 fields maximum).

You can sign up using your Facebook profile. As a result, the process goes more quickly because some fields fill in automatically.

Applications and Mobile Versions

The website has a responsive web design, so you can use it just like you would on a computer on a smartphone or tablet (the page will resize to fit the size of the device's screen).

The website has a responsive web design, so you can use it just like you would on a computer on a smartphone or tablet (the page will resize to fit the size of the device's screen). Unfortunately, neither iOS nor Android devices have any apps.

Privacy and anonymity

In general, public and private dating websites are separated. Anyone can view a list of all user accounts for public dating. Contrarily, private dating provides a greater level of privacy and anonymity because only other registered dating members have access to your profile (no one else can see your profile).

This website is accessible to the general public. If you create a profile on this dating site, both registered and unregistered users will be able to see it. Therefore, exercise caution and consider what private information and images you want to share.

Prevention of false profiles and fraud

Registration with Cougar Mature Next Door requires email confirmation. Your experience on the site will be more secure because email is a common safeguard against the creation of fraudulent profiles, and you won't have to worry about potentially interacting with fake accounts.

The moderators will need to manually approve your photo. Use discretion when using inappropriate or graphic material. Other logged-in users will also be able to see this data. It is not advised that you post your address or mobile phone numbers on the site because Cougar Mature Next Door wants to protect user privacy and anonymity.

Terms and Conditions (TOS)

The terms of this dating site are available (you will find a link to them on the main page). We advise reading them before registering. Despite the text's length, it's critical that you become familiar with it.

Contact information

The company running the Nextdoor Lesbian dating site is called Lead'R Limited, and it is based in the UK. You can use the following information to get in touch with this business:

  • Company Name: Lead'R Limited;
  • Company Head Office: 9 Queen's Yard- White Post Lane;
  • Postcode and city: E9 5EN London;
  • Country: United Kingdom;
  • Contact email: [email protected];
  • Contact phone: +33 9 74 59 10 62;

Membership Cancellation - How do I cancel a paid account at

Online cancellations are possible. It's important to understand how to cancel a paid membership if you've made the decision to do so. Make the cancellation as soon as you decide you no longer need it because payments are automatically deducted from your account and your membership is renewed after the paid period.

Canceling Your Account - How do I delete my account on

Your Nextdoor Lesbian account may be canceled at any time and is cost-free. This is possible online. Contacting customer service will provide you with instructions if you can't find the option to cancel your account. You may need to cancel any subscriptions or paid features when you deactivate or delete your account because Nextdoor Lesbian requires a paid membership. It is possible for users to opt-out of mailing lists and other notifications. They will no longer hear from Nextdoor Lesbian as a result of this.

Do you have to pay for Nextdoor Lesbian subscription?

Yes, subscriptions to Nextdoor Lesbian start at £6.89/month.

Are there fake profiles on Nextdoor Lesbian?

On dating sites in general, a certain number of fake profiles will always exist. Generally speaking, paid dating sites like Nextdoor Lesbian have fewer scammer profiles than free dating sites. Be cautious because fake profiles on dating websites can sometimes be identified based on their photos and profile information.

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