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If you're a straight person looking for a relationship, you have many options for online dating sites to choose from. However, finding a "normal" gay site that isn't all about sex and deals with the same topic is a bit more complicated. Today we'll look at a relatively "normal" website that fits that category. Finding true love in today's world, where most dating apps and sites are sexually focused, is becoming increasingly difficult. However well connected we all may be on the web, most dating sites offer little assistance in this department. However, the site we'll be discussing today,, isn't just for hookups; the vast majority of its users are seeking committed relationships. Let's look around and see what this site offers, including the layout, the available features, and the quality of the membership.

Gay Buddy Nextdoor Pros

  • Decide who you want to chat with
  • Gay men seeking single encounters
  • Registration Is Free
  • Like and Dislike feature
  • Realy hot Gays

Gay Buddy Nextdoor Cons

  • Site look unfinished

Gay Buddy Nextdoor Review 2024 » Everything you need to know

This platform is designed to facilitate the search for and establish relationships between gay men and women.

There are many fantastic straight sites in this niche, but not nearly as many for the gay community.

You will find this site incredibly useful if you are a gay man searching for a serious relationship or even just a new best friend.

Testimonials from happy site members who finally met someone are plentiful.

Additionally, this is a pay-for-services website.

Therefore, a specific type of membership is required to access received messages.

According to them, you can get a steamy video on GayBuddy-Next-Door

If finding a date isn't enough of an incentive for you, GayBuddy-Next-Door promises a sizzling collection of video clips.

But only after you pay for a subscription!

The site's videos set it apart from many other dating sites, which is a plus in my book.

Design, features, and options of GayBuddy-NextDoor!

GayBuddy-NextDoor is just a plain-looking website in terms of features and options, with little to offer in terms of attractive design.

I wouldn't say I like GayBuddy-NextDoor because not much can be seen if you are not a paid user.

When it comes to GayBuddy-usability NextDoor's from the perspective of features available to free users, the navigation is easy and works well!

You are welcome to the screen that lists some subscription models available when you first register.

There are three, and although they're not particularly expensive, they are a little higher than usual!

However, given the possibility of finding someone here, it might be worth the price they are asking for!

Membership at GayBuddy!

Although the majority of the features on this website are free, many of them do require payment to function. Here are some of the costs you can find on their official website!

  • GOLD subscription
  • 32.99 € / month 
  • The advantage for an of 3-month prepaid subscription
  • 30 displays of your profile in top ranking
  • Unlimited webcam chat between members
  • Sending text messages
  • Read unlimited text messages
  • Unlimited contact requests – profile visits
  • Access to customer service
  • Up to 8 pictures on your profile
  • Priority validation of your profile
  • Surprise gift with a value of 107.94 €
  • 12 days trial access to hot videos

SILVER subscription & BRONZE subscription

  • 49.94 € / month *
  • The advantage for a one-month prepaid subscription
  • 10 displays of your profile in top ranking
  • Unlimited webcam chat access between fans
  • Unlimited messages reading
  • Unlimited messages between fans
  • 5 contact requests per day
  • Unlimited profile visits
  • Access to customer service
  • Up to 4 photos on your profile
  • 12 days trial access to hot videos

PROS of GayBuddy-NextDoor!

  • Has a nice database of registered users!
  • Users from all over the world!
  • Claim to offer hot videos!
  • Nice and easy-to-use site design!

CONS of GayBuddy-NextDoor!

  • You have to pay in order to unlock some basic features!
  • Can’t see many of the features if you are a free member!
  • Claims to be free for the most part, but it isn’t!

One more thing regarding GayBuddy-NextDoor!

It's fantastic that some people use the internet to their advantage and search for other people and potential partners there.

The internet provided all of that, and most people find it enjoyable!

But the fact that most of these websites exist not to assist people but rather to make money is not remarkable.

And a website becomes useless when its primary goal is making money rather than fostering human connection.

Many well-known websites were created with the sole intention of aiding others; as a result, they quickly gained popularity and are still available for free today.

Although I have nothing against paid websites, this one isn't among the best.

The subscription option, which generates revenue from some fundamental features every website should offer for free, is one area where this website would greatly benefit from improvement.

A dating site shouldn't require payment to receive messages!

GayBuddy-NextDoor has the potential to develop into a friendly gay dating system, but there is no way for users to test the features of the site.


Excellent website if you're gay and searching for local gay singles in your area to date!

But their usability is very lacking, and the pay-for-feature model seriously harms it!

However, you should check them out if you're looking for a gay partner to hang out with.


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